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Laurel, MT
Christian Burial & Cremation Society

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Smith Funeral Chapel-Laurel & Columbus
315 East 3rd St.
Laurel, MT 59044

Christians choosing cremation in Laurel, MT trust the cremation service that honors those of all Christian denominations, Smith Funeral Chapel-Laurel & Columbus. The cremated remains are placed in a worthy vessel and brought to church for the funeral liturgy.

God does not give us rules in the Bible about burial or cremation. There is no command to bury, and there is no prohibition to cremate. At the resurrection it will not make any difference whether a person’s body has been buried or cremated. God knows how to raise the body, either in the resurrection of life or the resurrection of condemnation (John 5:28-29).

The casketed bodily remains are honored by being brought to the church. This is the most important part of the Christian funeral service. A Christian funeral service or Liturgy celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering.

But, when cremation takes place before the Funeral Liturgy, the cremated remains which have been placed in a worthy vessel are brought to church and set upon a pedestal. A candle is positioned near the pedestal. The Prayers after Death and the Vigil for the Deceased may be adapted as necessary and appropriate and used before the Funeral Liturgy. The Rite of Committal with Final Commendation may also be celebrated at that time.

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