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When planning a Christian funeral in Ontario, NY there is only one clear choice, the funeral home recognized for their Christian fellowship, Murphy Funeral & Cremation Chapel.

The funeral professionals at Murphy Funeral & Cremation Chapel are experts at arranging and directing Christian funeral services and they work closely with clergy from all Christian denominations and local churches representing all Christian faiths in Ontario, NY.

The Christian funeral celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering. Each Christian denomination in Ontario, NY has its own interpretation of the Bible which impacts how they view Christian Funeral Services . Although they each hold slightly different beliefs, they follow the same principles and share similar Christian funeral customs. The Christian funeral liturgy focuses mainly on the deceased entry into Heaven and God's ability to give the grieving strength to cope with their recent loss. It celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering.

When someone we love dies, our response as Christians emerges, at least in part, out of our faith. We believe that God is the creator and giver of all life, and that death is, in some sense, an intrusion into the goodness of God's creation. We also believe that Christ redeems us from sin and death by his cross and resurrection, and that therefore death ushers us into fuller life. The funeral affirms and celebrates these bracing realities of faith even under the shadow of death.