A Christian Funeral Service Celebrates the Faith of the Deceased
and Christ's Victory Over Death and Suffering

The best Christian funeral services emerge out of joint planning between the minister, the family, and others involved in the service, such as musicians and of course your funeral director. The minister brings experience in Christians traditions and liturgical understanding into the planning effort and provides the structure on which the various elements of the service can be built. The family will provide many of the specific elements for the service, such as favorite hymns, Scripture passages, and, above all, memories of the wonderful life they have loved and lost. A well-done Christian funeral service will enable people to experience and express their grief and to remember their loved one, while, at the same time, pointing them to God for hope and comfort.

Whether you choose burial or cremation, the casketed bodily remains are honored by being brought to the Church. If you are not affiliated with a church, a priest or minister representing your Christian Faith will be invited by the funeral home to lead a Christian Liturgy at the funeral home chapel.

Traditional Burial or Mausoleum

If your choice is ground burial or mausoleum entombment, the service or gathering usually involves the casket being present. You can choose to have a viewing or a closed casket visitation followed by a funeral service in the funeral chapel or church. Gathering together before the interment or entombment to honor a loved one is the first step and the most essential component in helping hearts to heal. Think of all the things that should be remembered; your work and play, your interests & hobbies, your personality and above all the people that were part of your wonderful life.

Choosing Cremation

Ultimately, there is no difference between cremation and burial. When the body is buried, given enough time, it will completely disintegrate. So, cremation and burying ultimately lead to the same physical condition of complete disintegration. In the resurrection, our infinitely powerful God who knows all things, will be able to produce our resurrected bodies. A Christian funeral liturgy celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering.The casketed bodily remains are honored by being brought to the Church.This is the most important part of the celebration of the Christian Funeral.

Christian Funeral Liturgy

The Christian funeral is God's way of bringing comfort to the hearts of those who mourn as Scripture is read and preached, prayer is offered, praises are sung, grief is expressed and remembrance is cherished. It is an occasion in which we, by the grace of God, bless the name of the One who gives and takes away. Prayers and hymns are read and sung throughout the funeral. Guests are often encouraged to read or sing along at appropriate times. Scripture readings are a common part of most services. Similar to prayer and hymns, the specific readings and their placement in the ceremony differ by religion.