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The Christian funeral celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering. Each Christian denomination has its own interpretation of the Bible which impacts how they view Christian funeral services. Although they each hold slightly different beliefs, they follow the same principles and share similar Christian funeral customs. The Christian Burial & Cremation Society has selected local family owned funeral homes across America that are experts at arranging Christian funerals and who work closely with clergy from all Christian denominations as well as local churches representing all Christian Faiths. They are committed to offering a wide selection of affordable Christian funeral, burial and cremation services as well as the best Christian remembrance & memorial options.

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The Christian funeral service focuses mainly on the deceased entry into Heaven and God's ability to give the grieving strength to cope with their recent loss. The Christian funeral celebrates the faith of the deceased and Christ's victory over death and suffering.


Like all Christian worship, the funeral has both a vertical and a horizontal dimension. Taking a phrase from an old sacramental form, we attend a funeral to "remember and believe." At the funeral we want and need to remember. Funerals throb with very human emotions and ought to both reflect them & minister to them. Funerals are, therefore, public rituals in which grief is expressed, precious memories are rehearsed, and lifetimes are remembered.

What We Believe

When someone we love dies, our response as Christians emerges, at least in part, out of our faith. We believe that God is the creator and giver of all life, and that death is, in some sense, an intrusion into the goodness of God's creation. We also believe that Christ redeems us from sin and death by his cross and resurrection, and that therefore death ushers us into fuller life. The funeral affirms and celebrates these bracing realities of faith even under the shadow of death.

Why We Believe

At the funeral we want and need to believe. We listen to the death-defying words of Scripture, we sing of God's grace and of Christ's victory, and we place our loved one's life in God's loving arms. A well-done funeral service will enable people to experience and express their grief and to remember their loved one, while, at the same time, pointing them to God for hope and comfort. However, funerals fail precisely when they lean too much in one direction or the other.

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